Terms of use


This Privacy policy applies to the mobile application “IndyNumber”, hereinafter both referred as IndyNumber.


  1. Data collected and used
  2. Goals and ways of using the data
  3. Disclosure of your personal information
  4. Inviolability of your personal data
  5. Communication with you 
  6.  Introduction of amendments to the Confidentiality Regulations
  7. Communication


When installing and using the mobile application, you agree to authorize IndyNumber app to obtain and use the following information:

1.  The phone number you receive by the IndyNumber app

2. The content of the messages provided to you by the IndyNumber service.

3. Access tokens for other accounts, which are linked with your IndyNumber account, such as Google identification or other electronic keys provided by the service used for the identification instead of entering a password.

4. Data on your mobile device, such as device ID, device manufacturer, model number, operating system, screen parameters, interface language settings, mobile and wifi network coverage and performance.


The main goal of collecting this information is to secure a reliable, flawless and efficient service that meets your requirements. IndyNumber, when acting independently or using the services of third persons, collects and uses your personal data in the allowable volume, which is required in order to:

Provide the service, namely, to obtain the number and receive the confirmation code;

Provide technical support and eliminate failures;

Provide flawless and effortless login to the application;

Adapt, evaluate and improve IndyNumber software;

Organise and hold marketing and advertising campaigns, operations and other similar events conducted by IndyNumber;

Protect your interests and the interests of IndyNumber, in particular, secure control over observation of the Terms of Use, prevent fraudulent activities and combat them (collectively – the Goals).


Except for in the cases described below, IndyNumber undertakes not to sell, provide for use, exchange or otherwise transfer your personal data and/or data about your traffic or the content of your conversations without your direct approval, unless this is required by valid laws or ordered by competent bodies.

We may read, disclose and keep the data mentioned above, in good faith in the belief that it is required in order to: To be in compliance with the valid laws or reply to a legally valid subpoena from competent bodies, including law enforcement bodies or other public authorities; to protect our clients, for instance, to prevent spam or fraud with regard to our users or to prevent death or serious injuries; to use and upkeep the security system of our websites, products and services, including to prevent or stop attacks on our computer systems or networks; or to protect our rights or property, including provision of observation of the terms regulating the usage of IndyNumber.

IndyNumber, its local partner, communication operator or another company which provides communication, may present your personal data, data of your activity to authorized judiciary, law enforcement or public authorities, having received legally justified inquiries from them. In the event of receiving such an inquiry, IndyNumber must undertake due measures for collaboration and present the required information; herewith you give your approval to the disclosure of such required data.

Information, which is collected by or sent to IndyNumber, may be stored and processed in the  Republic of India, as well as in another country where equipment of the company or its affiliated or subsidiary companies or IndyNumbers is installed. In view of this or for the purpose of information exchange or data transfer in accordance with Article 4 of this document, IndyNumber retains the right to transfer information beyond the borders of your country. The fact that you use the IndyNumber application means you agree to any transfer of information beyond the borders of your country.


IndyNumber undertakes to take all required organizational and technical measures to protect the provided personal data, by observing all obligations and exceptions imposed by the valid laws.


The IndyNumber application has no age limitations, though it is not recommended to be used by children under 13 years of age. IndyNumber recommends parents to follow the usage of internet and smartphone applications by their children, in order to prevent the disclosure of any data by a child without the permission of the parents.


From time to time, IndyNumber may introduce amendments to this Policy, in conformity with changes in our software and/or products, as well as in conformity with references of users. In the event of significant amendments in the Privacy Policy or our approach to using your personal data, new version of the software will be published, including and highlighting appropriate changes. Hereby, you agree that continuing to use the mobile application of IndyNumber is confirmation of your approval of the Privacy Policy.


To communicate with IndyNumber on issues regarding its mobile application or request the deletion of your personal data, collected by IndyNumber, please forward your queries to the Client Service Department by e-mail to support@indynumber.com


Please read the terms and conditions in these Terms of use (“Agreement”) carefully: they govern the relationship between you (“Client) and the IndyNumber in relation to your use of the IndyNumber Application and contain important information about your rights and obligations. By accessing or using the IndyNumber Application, you agree to be bound by this Agreement as may be modified from time to time.


1.1. In this Agreement, the following terms and definitions are used in the following meaning:
1.2. “Acceptance” – a full and unconditional acceptance by the Client of the terms of this Agreement, while using the IndyNumber application
1.3. “IndyNumber application” – the mobile application IndyNumber which allows the Client the technical ability to use the Services under this Agreement.
1.4. “Tariff” – a set of price terms according to which the IndyNumber offers to use one or more services available on the IndyNumber
1.5. “Mobile phone operator” – a company that provides mobile communications services for mobile phones of its subscribers.
1.6. “Client’s account” – an account created for the Client in the Indynumber system.
1.7. “Message, SMS” – a text message to the Active Number the reception of which is ensured by the IndyNumber.
1.8. “User Identification” – a procedure of voluntary identification of the user’s identity carried out via the Service
1.9. “Subscriber” – an individual or a legal entity who uses the services of mobile communication of a Mobile operator.
1.10  “Active Number” – a subscriber’s number owned by the Service and used to provide the Services under this Agreement.
1.11. “SMS Reception” – a service under this Agreement that allows the Client a technical opportunity to read the texts of Messages received on the Active Number.
1.12  “Refund operation” – the Client’s actions to refund the payment or a part of the payment to the Client in connection with the refund (cancellation, refusal) by the Client of/from services as well as because of the failure by the IndyNumber to provide services to the Client that have been previously paid by the Client.

2.1. The subject of this Agreement is the provision to the Client of intermediary services allowing a technical opportunity to read SMS received on the Active Number (hereinafter – the Services)..
2.2. The Client understands that under this Agreement the IndyNumber is an intermediary between the Client and the mobile operator.
2.3. The information on the price and duration of the Services is presented in the IndyNumber application when the specific service is selected.
2.4. The Client is responsible to make sure that the usage of the Services is allowed by the laws of his/her country. The Client must not use the Service in a territory where such Service is not allowed by law or is prohibited. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Client confirms that the use of the Services on the territory where the Client resides is permitted by law.


3.1. Services are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement
3.2. The IndyNumber has the right to refuse/stop services for the Client without explanation.
3.3. The Services are provided to the Client in the scope corresponding to the Tariff and the type of service selected by the Client.
3.4. In order to prevent fraudulent activities within the SMS Reception services, User identification may be required.


4.1. The Client pays the IndyNumber’s services fully in advance by making in-app purchases. The purchased amount is credited to the Client’s Account.
4.2. The payment history may be checked in the Client’s account on the relevant platform (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc).
4.3  The price of services under the Agreement is displayed in the IndyNumber application. The prices may be changed from time to time without prior notice. Client must have enough funds on his IndyNumber Account to use the chosen Service.

4.4. The charges for the service are debited from the Client’s account immediately after the provision of the Service.

5.1. The Client shall:
5.1.1. Not use the Services provided by the IndyNumber for unlawful purposes, and neither shall perform actions harmful to the IndyNumber and (or) third parties.
5.1.2. Duly pay for the IndyNumber’s services in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
5.1.3. Reimburse the IndyNumber for losses caused by payments recovered from the IndyNumber by third parties, including administrative fines from control and supervisory authorities incurred by the IndyNumber because of the Client’s violations of the provisions of this Agreement provided that the Client is presented with documents confirming the IndyNumber’s damages.
5.2. The Client is entitled to:
5.3. The IndyNumber shall:
5.3.1. Provide the Services to the Client in accordance with the Agreement.
5.3.2. Provide the Client with information on the range of Services, Tariffs, crediting of payments, the status of his Account.
5.4. The IndyNumber is entitled to:
5.4.1. Unilaterally amend this Agreement without prior notification. In case of such an amendment, a new version of the IndyNumber application is to be released, containing new Terms of Use.
5.4.2. Block the Client’s Account if the Client violates any term of this Agreement.
5.4.3 Engage third parties (specialists, consultants, suppliers, etc) to provide the Services under this Agreement without notifying the Client.
5.5. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the IndyNumber shall not be liable to the Client and other persons for: indirect losses, loss of profit, regardless of how they were caused


This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment the Client accepts the Terms of use, and is valid until the Parties completely fulfill their obligations.


The Client agrees that the IndyNumber Application is provided “as is” and that IndyNumber does not provide any guarantee, warranty or assurance that the IndyNumber Application will operate continuously or without interruptions or be error free or meet your requirements or that defects in the IndyNumber Application will be corrected. Accordingly, IndyNumber does not accept liability for unavailability or the timeliness, deletion, miss-delivery or failure of the IndyNumber Application. Client assumes full responsibility and sole risk for use of the IndyNumber Application.

Should Client fail to receive the service or have any other claim to IndyNumber, the issues have to be addressed to the Indynumber support service email: support@indynumber.com

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